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Happy Birthday Young Sod!

Young Sod Farms turns 60 years this season!!! Founded in 1958, we are entering our 60th year in business – time sure does fly by! Furthermore, we are beginning our 60th year in business operating out of a newly designed […]

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. One solitary day set aside to increase everyone’s awareness of our environment and serving as a means to heighten the public’s consciousness about what is happening to the land, oceans, lakes, rivers and streams all […]

Fall Lawn Care

Seeding The best time to seed is late summer to the end of September. The cooler fall temperatures with natural rains and dews at night ensure the seed germinates and is strong enough to survive winter. Visit us for lawn […]

Spring Fertilizer

Our 10-6-4 Quick Release fertilizer can be applied any time now, up until mid-May. – Contains quick release nitrogen which will help green up the lawn and boost the plant after the winter – Will feed the lawn for up […]